Dave Welch at House of Brick Technologies Writes a Serious Takedown of a Gartner Article

I don’t normally discuss Oracle licensing on my blog. This is primarily because it is not an area I have spent a lot of time on. However, the licensing experts (note: they are not lawyers) over at House of Brick technologies are very good at explaining licensing issues with Oracle on VMware.

In this paper, Dave Welch at House of Brick writes a fairly severe takedown of a Gartner article on Oracle licensing. And while I did not read the Gartner article ($195 seems a little pricey to me), Welch makes a point repeatedly that is good to remember when dealing with Oracle: Oracle statements and blogs and other similar publications are not legally binding, only what is written in your contract or other supporting legal documents are legally binding. This is especially important when it comes to partitioning your Oracle installation.

Here is the article. http://houseofbrick.com/review-of-gartners-nov-2014-oracle-licensing-paper/

If you are looking for further information on Oracle licensing on VMware, there are several applicable articles on the House of Brick web site: http://houseofbrick.com/blog/

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