Windows 8, Not Good for the Professional

I recently upgraded my personal Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8.  At this point, I have to say that Windows 8 is as step backward for the IT professional.

As an IT professional, I use a large number of applications, none of which are usable on touch screen, such as MS Word, Putty, Winscp, Oracle SQLPlus, etc.  I expect to access all of these through a start menu, since the large number of applications that I use makes putting icons on the desktop too cumbersome.  However, Windows 8 does not offer a start menu, only a scrollable touchscreen.  This is extremely cumbersome. I was able to find and install a free application which set up a start menu very similar to the Windows 7 start menu which I could access from my desktop.  However, to access the desktop I have to go through the Metro screen and click on desktop.  This is an extra step that is very annoying, and according to all I have read, Microsoft has the ability to make this step unnecessary, but has disabled the ability to the general public.

All in all, I find Windows 8 to be not nearly as usable as Windows 7 for the IT professional.

One Response to “Windows 8, Not Good for the Professional”

  1. Lance Piner Says:

    I agree. As a professional 3D artist, the Metro interface is constantly disrupting my workflow.

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