On a non-Oracle related topic, I have found one reason why Chrysler is in trouble.  I purchased my 2006 Town and Country (minivan) from Carmax two years ago.  At the time, we had to raise a ruckus to get the DVD-ROM for the the navigation system that was supposed to come with the car.  Carmax wanted to charge us, and of course that was a no-go with us.  We eventually received the DVD (no we didnt pay anything for it).

Now, Chrysler (through NavTeq) wants us to buy an updated DVD for the Navigation system.  The letter came from them yesterday.  The price?  $199.  Excuse me?  I can buy a new portable GPS with updated maps for half that.  I hope there aren’t too many suckers that will pay $200 for an update.   And they will want another $200 next year.  I would be willing to pay $50 for the update, but $200 is ridiculous.  I really wonder how many people will pay that ridiculous price.

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